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Courses & Fees(Long-term courses : College Student visa)

Students aiming to attend undergraduate, graduate, or technical schools, study for one to two years. The classes are adapted to suit the needs of the students and cover topics such as preparation for the EJU and JLPT, including social studies, science and mathematics

Mon - Fri Morning9:00 - 12:3045min × 4
Afternoon 13:20 - 16:5045min × 4
 AdmissionFeeTuition Total
24-month Course¥50,000¥1,320,000¥1,370,000
21-month Course¥1,155,000¥1,205,000
18-month Course¥990,000¥1,040,000
15-month Course¥825,000¥875,000
12-month Course¥660,000¥710,000

* There will be an additional 20,000-yen service charge (for selection process etc.).


 Study TopicsTarget Levels
6 months
Learning Japanese pronunciation
Reading and writing hiragana and katakana
Reading and writing kanji
Learning basic verbs, adjectives, and nouns
Greetings and basic sentence structure practice
Be able to make everyday conversations with Japanese without major difficulties
Be able to differentiate speech sounds in Japanese
Be able to pronounce and read Japanese speech sounds, words, and short sentences
Intermediate Beginner
3 month
Practicing using sentence structure and verbs learned in the beginner course and applying polite language.
Learning sentence structure and vocabularies needed for the intermediate course
Exercising reading longer sentences
Exercising communicating one's opinions and intent
Be able to extract the gist from conversations containing unlearned words and expressions
Be able to establish mutual understanding with Japanese outside of the school
Be able to use polite expression
9 months
Practicing sentence structure and expression for conversation
Learning and organizing vocabularies in kanji, adverbs, and idioms
Exercising reading comprehension of long sentences
Practicing hearing and reading comprehension leading to skills needed for listening lectures
Preparing for ability test level N1 and N2 and study abroad exams
Be able to understand most conversations by Japanese
Be able to speak fluently on various topics
Be able to read quickly and read and write sentences in meaningful chunks
6 months
Discussing various issues (Japanese culture, events, and current topics)
Learning technical Japanese and acquiring skills needed for conducting research
Writing articles and reports along some theme
Practicing conversations that can be used in business situations
Acquire better reading comprehension abilities and sentence composition skills
Advance education by touching upon Japanese culture, literature, history and society
Develop the ability to make use of logical thinking and comprehension abilities that are required at universities, technical schools and companies

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