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Application Forms(Long-term courses : College Student visa)

Admission Requirements

  • A high school diploma, more than 12 years of education, or an equivalent qualification
  • An aspiration to attend Japanese universities, graduate schools, or technical institutions
  • A strong objective to learn Japanese
  • Above level N5 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT)

Admission Period

Jan., Apr., Jul., Oct.

Submission Materials

(may differ depending on the applicant's nationality and place of residency)

 Submission MaterialsNote
Applicant Admission Application
 Prescribed Form
Excel ver.
Signiture must be in handwriting.
 Prescribed Form
Excel ver.
Signiture must be in handwriting
Attach English or Japanese translation.
Original diploma * If you graduated from a university or technical school in China, you should submit an academic background authorization report.
Attach English or Japanese translation.
Transcript Original * If you took any standardized test for college admissions (SAT, GCE, etc.), you should submit the authorization document for your score.
Attach English or Japanese translation.
Certificate of employment or school enrollment if you are currently employed or enrolled in school
Original Family Register For all family members including the applicant.
Attach English or Japanese translation.
Proof of Japanese study A document that proves you are above level N5 on the Japanese ability exam or have over 150 hours of learning experience.
The results of the JLPT, if you have taken the exam before.
Photograph 4cm×3cm. 6 copies.
Copy of passport If available.
Financial support document
Prescribed Form
Excel ver.
Your financial sponsor needs to fill in the form.
Attach English or Japanese translation.
Kinship authentication document A document that proves the relationship between the applicant and sponsor.
Attach English or Japanese translation.
Bank Certificate In the name of your sponsor.
Copy of Bankbook A document that details how you have set up funds to cover your tuition and living expenses during the period of your study in Japan.
For the past 3 years.
Certificate of Employment Certificate of employment (please state the period of employment)
A copy of the certified copy of company register
Business permit
Certificate of Income Supporter (Guarantor) 
Certificate of Tax Payment 

From application submission to coming to Japan

7 months before 1
Fill in the application forms and send all application materials to UJS.
5 months before 2
UJS will check the application materials and submit the application to Tokyo immigration office.

Immigration office will conduct pre-examination for residence qualification.
2 months before 4
UJS will inform the pre-examination results to the applicant.
50 days before 5
The applicant will take care of the tuition.

UJS will send the applicant the certificate of eligibility for residence.
30 days before 7
The applicant applies for a visa at the Japanese embassy.

The applicant can come to Japan once the visa arrives.

Admitted students are assigned to the beginner, intermediate, or advanced course based on their results on the Japanese ability exam.

Application Materials Submission Period

School TermJanuaryAprilJulyOctober
Submission Period7/1 - 9/109/1 - 11/101/1 - 3/103/1 - 5/10

* It is possible to stop accepting applications during the submission period
  based on the number of applicants.

Application Process Cutoff

 Application process terminatesAuthorization certificate issued
* January Admissionat the end of August in the previous year. at the end of November
* April Admission at the end of October in the previous year.at the end of February
* July Admissionat the end of February in the same year.at the end of May
* October Admissionat the end of April in the same yearat the end of August