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Brief History & Mission

UJS Language Institute was established in April 1986 in Roppongi, Tokyo, a dynamic and international “Kingdom for the young.” Since the foundation, we have always cherished speaking skills. Our mission is to provide a unique Japanese language education program that emphasizes the context of culture and customs. Japanese language is increasingly becoming popular. At UJS Language Institute, you will learn to express yourself lively in Japanese, in a style that fits your personality and unique senses.

About Roppongi

Roppongi is a fashionable and cosmopolitan town. There are many overseas companies and IT companies located here. There is an upper-class residential area, an embassy district and even a TV station and entertainment productions. You can enjoy both new and old culture here in Roppongi, where shopping, international cuisine, museums and theaters are also available. Roppongi is centrally located in Tokyo and has easy access to anywhere. You can really enjoy life in TOKYO here!

[Roppongi Hills]

[Tokyo Tower] [Mori Bldg.]


Company nameUrban Japanese Society Co., Ltd.
PresidentToshihira Onuma
Access 3-3-29 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
TEL/FAXTel: 03-5545-6941 Fax: 03-5545-6942



Oedo Line & Hibiya Line = Roppongi Station.
<Exit 5 ; about 6 minutes walk>
Namboku Line = Roppngi-Itchome Station.
<Exit1 ; about 4 minutes walk>