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Teachers at UJS Language Institute have diverse background, personalities, and hobbies. We discuss ideas on various topics, ranging from A to Z. You can acquire Japanese language by having conversation with us, sometimes on fun topics and sometimes on more serious issues!

Dean: Asahi

This school is a place full of dream, where vibrant students with diverse backgrounds and experiences learn about the spirit of Japanese and the culture of Japan while spending stimulating time with entertaining teachers. I hope that the school will broaden your perspectives and personal connections, and help you become outstanding talents who can make significant contributions to society.
Hobbies in My Youth: Bicycle touring (Hokkaido, etc.)
Scuba diving (Palau, Okinawa, etc.)
Current Hobby: Karate (for fun with elementary school children)

Staff: Zheng

I graduated from UJS Language Institute 7 years ago. My life while studying Japanese was very satisfying.
I look forward to meeting you in Japan. Let's make your dream come true together!

Teacher: Yagishita

Hello to the people who are going to lean Japanese! This is Yagishita.
I myself like to study foreign language. Isn't it exciting to learn a new language? Just imagine communicating with people from different country makes me very happy.
But studying language in their country sometimes makes people nervous. For such case, we are here at UJS!!
With teachers here and other students, you can overcome all the difficulties that you might come across. So let's move on!

Teacher: Uchino

Hello everyone.
"Learn the local language where you visit or stay" It helps you to?understand ?"people"? there and also helps you to?find? new points of view which is different from your country.
No matter how good or bad you speak, people feel very glad if?you try to speak?their ?language.? Of course, we, Japanese, feel the same way, too. That's why?I teach Japanese to foreigners. Let's study Japanese together, shall we?

Teacher: Shinomiya

I'm working as Japanese teacher because I want everyone who lives in Japan to know more about Japan and Japanese language.
I'm very glad I saw smiling faces with a sign of understanding.
I do my best to see those smiling faces.
Let's do our best together.

Teacher: Sano

Hello everyone. I'm Sano. I like challenging to various things. It is fun to start (challenge) new thing.
I believe studying foreign language or living in foreign country is one of them.
I'd like to support anyone who wishes "I want to study Japanese. I want to become more fluent".
You sometimes find studying Japanese is difficult, or life is not easy.
But if you keep doing your best with aim and dream, you will find your way,
Let's "brightly, joyfully and cheerfully" do our best together, and make your life in Japan happy.

Teacher: Ibuka

Hello, I'm Ibuka.
Why did you want to study Japanese? Is it because you want to go to Japanese college? Or do you need Japanese for your living or work? Or is it because you like Japanese TV series or comics? A start for having interesting in language differs with the individuals.
I think it is wonderful thing not only to feel real Japanese and learn it but also to have friends to learn together.
Language is one of culture. Japanese Language is filled with thoughts and hearts of Japanese from the past though the present.
I want to help you though teaching Japanese.
Things might be sometimes difficult for you, but you are not alone. Let's enjoy together.

Teacher: Morimoto

I am Morimoto.
Studying foreign languages is a difficult task. Thus, studying in an enjoyable manner is the most important aspect of foreign language education. You can learn a foreign language (Japanese) by yourself at your native country. But I work hard with you everyday to offer unique lessons that you can experience only in Japan and only from Japanese teachers.
Everyone, let's learn Japanese together!

Teacher: Magara

I have been a Japanese teacher for 7 years.
I strive for designing lessons that are fun and easy to understand.
Let's study Japanese with us at UJS.