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Since its establishment in 1986 in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, Roppongi, students of many nationalities have been studying in the same classroom surrounded by internationally famous icons, such as Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Mid Town. UJS considers speaking, reading, listening and writing the cornerstones of communication ability. In order to improve their students’ communication skills efficiently, UJS follows well a balanced curriculum and teaching strategy at all times. Due to the development of the global economy, each student’s goals have become highly diversified. To maintain high satisfaction from all students, UJS provides not only qualified Japanese education but also individualized career support and opens the door widely to all learners.                                                                            

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Learn Japanese Near Modern Urban Village “Toranomon-Azabudai Project”

This area is located in Minato-Ward, a cosmopolitan precinct of central Tokyo with many foreign-affiliated companies and many foreign residents. It has a huge potential as ‘a culturally rich and diverse new international city’. The ‘Toranomon -Azabudai Project’, an innovative multi-purpose development is in progress with its concept of the ‘Modern Urban Village’ near the UJS Language Institute. It includes offices, residences, a hotel, an international school, commercial facilities and cultural facilities with a beautiful lush greenery square in the middle. It will be integrated with various urban functions and be completed in 2023. Take your once in a lifetime study abroad opportunity with UJS and also enjoy your life near this exciting Modern Urban Village.