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Hello, my name is Lee Bongjun and I am currently a student at UJS. I came to Japan in January 5, 2009. I didn’t know any Japanese and felt really nervous, but even greater than this nervousness was my confidence, and it was with this confidence that I boarded the plane to Japan. A relative working in the trading industry in Japan recommended a number of different schools, but I decided on UJS. I made decision based on the belief I had in the school upon reading the comments of my seniors. This belief grew stronger as I attended the school. For someone who does not speak any Japanese, living alone in Japan is a struggle. Everything from shopping for groceries to taking the subway was a challenge for me. I received a lot of help from my teachers in these situations. Compassionate teachers who help students such as myself through new and difficult experiences, such as helping a sick classmate get home or going with me to the bank when the teacher herself was feeling ill, all make me feel that I have no regrets in choosing this school. Studying Japanese is at the same time difficult and fun. I feel a sense of satisfaction each time I am able to use the Japanese I learned in class in my every day life. I think that the effort I put in is worth it as I walk around town and understand the advertisements and what people are saying. Let’s meet at UJS.